Rev. Rhodah Ayiela Mlyanga

Rev. Rhodah Ayiela Mlyanga was born to Bishop Isaac and mama Grace Namango on 8th December 1961 in Bungoma District Western Kenya. She sat for her C.P.E at Kolanya Girls primary school before proceeding for high school. Upon successful completion, she joined Kigali T.T.C in Embu whereby she came out as a P1 teacher.

She taught in a number of schools across Kenya and later developed interest to work with children extensively. She was nominated Diocesan Sunday School Coordinator in Anglican Church Diocese of Kitale, a post which earned her a change to go for a two year Diploma Course in early childhood Development at Mindolo Ecumenical Foundation in Zambia. To date she works with children at school, home and church level.

Rhoda was married to the late Gilbert Mlyanga Sianga on the 18th of July 1981 with whom they were blessed with four children. Her greatest believe is that to get a better tomorrow, we must start with preparing the child today for future challenges and that is it. Being a teacher and counselor, her greatest desire is that children get a stage where they can be heard despite their age or background.

At the moment she is a dedicated teacher of Langata west primary school in Nairobi and is additionally engaged in freelance writing. She serves at the ACK All Saints Cathedral Nairobi as a priest and in various capacities of the Mothers Union. She is a clergy member of the ACK Diocese of Nambale. Being an Early Childhood Development Specialist, she spends a lot time mentoring children in various schools and Church organisations within Kenya.